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The Importance of Hiring a Mold Remediation Specialists in Cherry Hill

Mistreated mold can have serious negative repercussions like additional property damage, cross-contamination and more costly repairs to correct the issue. The best solution for mold is proper mold remediation performed by an experienced and knowledgeable professional. Local mold remediation specialists in Cherry Hill are specially trained and certified to perform cleanups that effectively address fungal contaminations and get the bottom of the moisture source that caused it in the first place.

It might be alarming and unpleasant to learn that your property may have moisture or mold problems. Some of that tension can be reduced by getting in touch with a reputable mold removal company near you. Mold is a biohazard, making it crucial that personnel manage mold remediation in accordance with established standards and procedures for safe removal. If you are a property owner in Cherry Hill and recently discovered a potential mold issue, Mastertech Environmental can help. We can safely and precisely restore your property to its pre-mold state since we are outfitted with the best professional cleaning products, remediation tools and equipment, and personal safety gear.

Professional Mold Removal Services for Residential & Commercial Buildings in South Jersey

At Mastertech Environmental, our team of local mold remediation specialists in Cherry Hill work arduously to offer each client the safe, thorough and effective cleanup solutions needed when there is a mold and moisture problem. Mold and moisture problems that are not properly resolved can cause significant property damage as well as possible health risks for our clients’ families. Our team of licensed professionals who specialize in mold remediation and specifically trained specialists are aware of the significant effects that our work has on our clients’ properties, their possessions, and their health. We are dedicated to providing the best mold remediation services possible to restore a clean, safe and healthy home. To learn more about our local services in Cherry Hill, call today — 609-948-8844.

Mastertech’s Professional Mold Remediation Process for Cherry Hill Buildings

  1. Containment: To prevent contamination to the clean and unaffected areas, we build critical containment chambers with negative air filtration to isolate the moldy work areas.
  2. Cover & Protect: To protect all flooring, contents and personal belongings, we carefully cover and protect all the necessary surfaces/areas.
  3. Air Filtration: To maintain a safe indoor air quality, we strategically setup HEPA-filtered air filtration devices in the areas of remediation.
  4. Demolition & Removal: While most materials can be effectively clean, other building materials may be non-salvageable. Building materials that cannot be effectively cleaned will be carefully removed & properly disposed of.
  5. HEPA Vacuum: HEPA-vacuums are used to remove surface spores from all the vertical and horizonal services in the area(s).
  6. Antimicrobial Application: An antimicrobial agent will be applied to destroy any residual surface spores.
  7. Mold Roots: To loosen, and effectively remove the deeply embedded mold roots, we  employ a concentrated hydrogen peroxide agent which will chemically boil the roots the surface. We then wipe away the contamination and repeat the process until re no longer see a reaction.
  8. Scrub & Wipe Clean: All surfaces are scrubbed and wiped clean.
  9. Re-HEPA Vacuum: A second round of HEPA-vacuuming is completed to remove all remaining mold and ensure and effective remediation.
  10. Mold-Proof Coating: Mold-resistant coating is applied to the cleaned surfaces to minimize the chances of recurrence.

Whether it is black mold removal or basement mold removal, Mastertech’s local specialists in Cherry Hill can help. Contact our local office to learn more. 


  • Thomas Duff

    Thomas Duff, the visionary founder of MasterTech Environmental, brings a wealth of expertise and passion to the forefront of our mold remediation and biohazard cleanup mission. With a profound commitment to setting new industry standards, Thomas leverages his hands-on experience and innovative spirit to lead MasterTech Environmental to unparalleled success. Overseeing not only the original Blackwood, NJ location but also the thriving MasterTech Franchise Systems, Thomas champions a tight-knit family of professionals dedicated to serving communities, cultivating honorable trades, and ensuring customer satisfaction. Recognized for our presence on HGTV and DIY Network, Thomas Duff's dedication to excellence has driven our company's exceptional client ratings on Google and other review platforms. With a clear vision, unmatched passion, and a commitment to continuous improvement, Thomas Duff continues to lead MasterTech Environmental into a successful future in the restoration industry.

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