Trauma & Crime Scene Cleaners: Let the Trained Professionals Help

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Crime Scene Cleanup A standard term applied to cleanup of blood, bodily fluids and other potentially infectious materials. It is often used interchangeably with the term biohazard remediation. 

Cleanup of a trauma or crime scene is a major undertaking that is not for the squeamish. Trauma & crime scene cleanup goes beyond just scrubbing down with a mop and bucket of soapy water. Crime scenes and trauma scenes can be contaminated with blood and other bodily fluids that require special care when handling. Biohazards, like blood and bodily fluids, can carry a wide variety of pathogens, bacteria, viruses and diseases that are hazardous to humans. Once the scene is released by the authorities, it is important to contact a professional biohazard cleanup company in your New Jersey area to safely and effectively restore the space back to its pre-incident condition. Professional biohazard cleanup technicians in New Jersey have the necessary experience, training and equipment to properly address your cleanup needs and allow you the time and space to properly grieve and recover.

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Reasons To Let The Professional Crime Scene Cleaners Help

Crime scenes are only a portion of the situations that require biohazard remediation. Incidents which may require this type of cleanup services include accidents, suicide (or attempted suicide), homicides, decomposition after unattended death, trauma situations, human or animal urine and feces contamination or other situation that present similar bio contamination.

Health & Safety

Cleanup of blood and other bodily fluids is especially sensitive. Blood and bodily fluids can carry various pathogens, bacteria and diseases that are hazardous to humans. Without the proper knowledge, equipment and personal protection, you could be putting yourself at risk of exposure to countless bloodborne pathogens, deadly viruses and other dangerous bacteria. Additionally, an improper or insufficient cleanup can leave behind traces of contaminated blood and bodily fluids and make people sick later.

Mastertech’s Crime Scene Cleanup Team in South Jersey is fully trained and equipped with the necessary skills, tools and protective gear to safely and effectively complete a thorough blood cleanup and restore a clean and safe environment.

Psychological Trauma

Just the mere sight of a crime scene can be a lot for an individual to take in and digest. Facing the scene of the death of a loved one is emotional enough on its own. The last thing you need is to be reminded of the death by handling the bloody remnants of the event. In such a stressful time, the added burden of cleanup can be overwhelming. Let the specially trained death cleanup team at Mastertech Environmental help. Our biohazard remediation technicians in New Jersey care specially trained to safely and effectively handle such sensitive cleanups with compassion, discretion and respect.

Structural Damage

Blood and bodily fluids left behind following a death, violent crime or trauma event need to be properly cleaned in order to minimize property damage and avoid structural damage. Unaddressed blood and bodily fluids can permeate through porous building materials (like flooring, walls, etc.) and lead to additional property damage and possible structural damage. A professional blood cleanup company will be able to isolate the contaminated areas and contain the damage.  Crime scene cleaners are highly trained to safely and effectively address blood and bodily fluid continuations. They have the necessary tools, knowledge and cleaning agents to ensure that no bacteria, virus or fungal is left behind to cause considerable property damage after cleanup.


We will never be able to stress enough the emotional burden and physically dangers of crimes scenes and attempting cleanup without the help of a professional. If cleanup is handled by an inexperienced individual, there is a great risk for cross-contamination that can make the situation worse and more dangerous in the long run. Improper cleanup could be spreading blood and bodily fluids to previous clean areas. Blood and bodily fluids can soak into porous materials or flow and hide under building materials. If you don’t know what to look for, you could be leaving behind traces of contaminated blood and bodily fluids and make people sick later.

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Professional Trauma & Crime Scene Cleaners in New Jersey

Mastertech Environmental’s team of trauma & crime scene cleaners and biohazard remediation technicians have the necessary certifications, permits, equipment, training and experience to safely address the cleanup of any death, crime or trauma scene. Our team of crime scene cleaners is fully prepared to safely and effectively handle your crime scene cleanup needs and restore a safe environment post-incident. Our technicians are trained to follow specific cleanup procedures and adhere to strict safety protocols when addressing any blood and bodily fluid contamination. You can trust that we will handle your cleanup with the proper care and attention that is required when dealing with such sensitive materials.


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