Who Cleans Up The Crime Scene of a Homicide?

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We have all heard the stories, read the news articles, watched the news broadcasts and watched the crime shows recreate the headlines. Whether it is a dramatized scene created by Hollywood or a live action feed of an actual crime scene, we all have at least a minimal understanding of what happens following a death by homicide or suicide. The police tape goes up and the investigation begins. But what happens when the police tape comes down? What happens after the emergency and law enforcement personnel are long gone? As third-party onlookers, it is easy to move on to the next news headline, while the loved ones of the deceased are left to find a way to cleanup after such a traumatic event.

The Importance of Proper Homicide Cleanup of a Crime Scene

Homicide or suicide scenes can be tough to stomach. Weather it is a natural death, homicide, suicide or accident, any death can leave behind a great deal of contamination. Bio contaminates like blood and other bodily fluid, may require more than just a standard cleaning. Blood soaked building materials and contents are not always salvageable and will need to be disposed following specific removal and disposal protocols.

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  • Blood Spill– Depending on the nature of the death, there could be a great deal of blood splatter and blood spill in the New Jersey property. Blood is considered a biohazard that may contain various dangerous bacteria and bloodborne pathogens. Blood often needs to be cleaned up by specially trained biohazard cleanup technicians in New Jersey.
  • Postmortem Defecation– Before a body tightens into rigor mortis, the body’s muscles relax and anything that the deceased may or may not have been “holding in” will come out– feces, urine, bodily fluids and gas. Human feces, urine and other bodily fluids carry countless harmful bacteria that require specialized cleanup, disinfection and sanitation.
  • Decomposition– When a person dies, decomposition soon follows. How soon the body is discovered and the conditions of the surrounding environment will dictate the level of decomposition. The varying stages of decomposition, and the accompanying bacteria and insect infestation can be difficult for some to look at, much less cleanup. Bodily secretions need to be cleaned following specific cleaning procedures and safety protocols. Gases released from a decomposing body will leave behind a foul odor. Professional crime scene cleanup companies in South Jersey have the necessary tools and equipment to effectively handle the odor removal as well. 

In addition to the health hazards associated with potential exposure to bio contaminates, such as blood or bodily fluids, cleaning up after a homicide or suicide in New Jersey can be emotionally overwhelming and physically exhausting. Handling the death of a loved one is a difficult task in of itself. You probably have not been sleeping or eating well, and your probably mentally drained. Now, before you are even done mourning, you have to find a way to erase all remnants of the event from the scene. Don’t face a homicide cleanup or suicide cleanup in New Jersey on your own. Contact a trained professional to help. A professional homicide cleanup company in South Jersey will have the proper training, equipment and personal protection to safely and effectively restore the property to its pre-incident condition.

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Professional Homicide Cleanup Services in New Jersey

When murder or suicide is involved, these death scenes can be rather messy– whether the death itself caused a great deal of blood spill or the death went undiscovered for a period of time, allowing time for decomposition. Nonetheless, homicide and suicide scenes likely contain sensitive contaminates that require specialized cleaning and disposal. Blood and other bodily fluids can contain countless bacteria and bloodborne pathogens that are hazardous to humans. Without the necessary personal protection, equipment or cleaning knowledge, cleaning up after a homicide or suicide on your own can be dangerous and ineffective. Furthermore, cleanup can be physically and emotionally demanding, which can prove to be overwhelming during such sensitive times.

Professional death cleanup companies in New Jersey, like Mastertech Environmental, provide homicide cleanup and suicide cleanup services to help those left behind to handle the aftermath of such tragedies. Mastertech’s specially trained team of bioremediation technicians have the necessary certifications, permits, equipment, training and experience to safely address the cleanup of any death scene.

  • Specialized Training- While there is no one agency that regulates training for biohazard remediation, homicide and suicide cleanup technicians are trained and certified in bloodborne pathogen exposure. Additionally, technicians are carefully trained to follow specific cleanup & disposal procedures and adhere to strict safety protocols.
  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)- All bioremediation technicians are required to wear personal protective equipment, including (but not limited to) a double layer of gloves, respiratory gear, and biohazard suits designed specifically for bioremediation.
  • Cross contamination Prevention- Technicians must contain the situation by carefully and effectively isolating the contaminated area(s). Proper containment prevents the cross-contamination of bacteria and bloodborne pathogens to clean, unaffected areas of the New Jersey property and minimizes the risk of additional property damage.
  • Disinfection & Sanitation Technicians will carefully clean the contaminated area(s) with the safest, most effective cleaning agents. 
  • Proper Disposal of Biohazardous Material- In most cases, porous materials cannot be effectively cleaned once the materials have been contaminated by blood or other bodily fluids. Non-salvageable materials must be safely removed and properly disposed. Bioremediation specialists take all biohazardous materials (blood-soaked carpet, furniture, etc.) to an approved biohazard disposal site in specially marked biohazard containers.

More importantly, professional homicide cleanup and suicide cleanup technicians are trained to be sensitive to the concerns and emotions of those who may be present at the crime and death scene cleanup. Mastertech’s biohazard cleanup technicians will practice discretion and demonstrate compassion when handling such sensitive cleanups.


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