Prevent Attic Mold In Your South Jersey Home

prevent attic mold in south jersey Prevent Attic Mold In South Jersey 

For most of us South Jersey homeowners, we tend to think of our attics as that dusty, dark place we use for storage and not much else. While having extra storage in our attics is a great thing that homeowners should take advantage of, it is important that we are aware of the potential for mold growth that could occur within our attics. Attics require regular maintenance and upkeep to prevent severe water intrusion & mold damage. Factors such as heat, humidity and improper ventilation, among other things, all play a part in the environment in your attic being prone to mold growth. Additionally, when an area is full of clutter, like many of our attics, it is difficult for air to properly circulate. This poor air circulation in combination with the other factors can easily convert your attic into the ideal breeding ground for mold growth. It is important for South Jersey homeowners to take the time needed to perform maintenance tasks and make necessary repairs in order to prevent attic mold.

What Conditions Lead To Attic Mold? 

When it comes to our attics, it is true that they get significantly less attention than other areas of the home. Attics often are subject to conditions that, in the long run, can be conducive to mold growth. Many of these conditions overlap, one causing the other and vice versa. South Jersey homeowners need to be aware of these conditions in order to prevent attic mold. Let’s take a closer look. 

  • Temperature: The natural flow of the air filtration in your home helps hot air rise to the top of the building. Once heat rises to the top, it needs to be able to escape through a form of ventilation. Many attics have little to no ventilation allowing the hot air to escape. Oftentimes, attics are actually too insulated, which then traps heat inside the attic. Additionally, too much clutter can prevent proper air circulation, also trapping in heat. When the hot air on one side of the attic sheathing is hot, and the other side is cold, this can cause condensation & humidity to form. 
  • too much insulation causing attic mold south jerseyInsulation: As previously mentioned, it is possible to excessively insulate your attic. Too much insulation can trap heat within the attic, causing poor ventilation, elevated temperatures, condensation and humidity. Sometimes when it comes to insulation in attics, less is more. The purpose of insulation in an attic is to minimize heat or cool air loss from the floor below. It’s not necessarily there to keep your attic warm. For most attics, the recommended insulation level is R-38, or about 10-14 inches depending on the type of insulation you are using. The tops of the attic floor joists should not be visible if this is done correctly. 
  • Condensation: Attics can occasionally be prone to condensation. This occurs when an attic is overly warm and hot air has been trapped inside. When the hot air that is trapped inside your attic is met with the cool air conditioning on the other side of the attic sheathing, condensation forms. This results in wet sheathing, which can lead to excess humidity or even worse – attic mold. 
  • Ventilation: Proper ventilation & air circulation can easily be overlooked when it comes to preventing attic mold. Ventilation & air circulation allow for any heat & excess moisture to escape your attic, preventing the environment in the attic from becoming too muggy. It can be as simple as installing a vent fan or cracking open a window. 
  • Humidity: Moisture is the main source that mold thrives on. When preventing attic mold, it is important that South Jersey homeowners do our best to eradicate excess humidity in our attics. By applying the knowledge from the other points we have touched upon, homeowners will be able to adequately minimize excess moisture and humidity in their attics, to successfully prevent attic mold.

Professional Attic Mold Remediation 

You may find yourself in a situation where your attic has already been exposed to conditions conducive to mold growth. Sometimes, even when you do everything you can to prevent attic mold, it still finds its way in somehow. If this is the case, contact a local professional mold remediation company in South Jersey to assess the damage & create a plan for cleanup. Experienced mold remediation technicians in your area will be able to restore your attic to pre-mold conditions, as well as provide tips for post-remediation mold prevention to keep mold out of your attic for good.


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