Debunking Myths About Mold

debunking myths about moldMyths About Mold Are Everywhere 

Much like many other things on the internet, it is easy to come across a large amount of mold misinformation online. It doesn’t take much searching to find multiple different contradictory claims about mold, leaving you even more confused than when you began. Local home & property owners in the South Jersey area who are misled by inaccurate information about mold online could leave their homes in worse condition than it originally was. In order to better inform local homeowners about mold, we are going to discuss some common myths about mold and help dispel them with the facts.  

Common Myths About Mold To Be Aware Of 

Myth #1: There Should Be No Mold In Your Home

Now, we know what you’re thinking. Why wouldn’t you want your home to be 100% mold free? The truth is that no matter how clean your home is, it is completely normal for there to be mild levels of mold in the atmosphere. That is because mold is a naturally occurring organism found everywhere in our outdoor environment, as well as indoors. Mold only becomes an issue when spores begin to thrive in excess in an indoor environment with spore counts exceeding that of the outdoor environment.  

Myth #2: You Can Use Bleach To Clean Mold 

While you may find sources online telling you that bleach can clean mold, this is simply untrue. Bleach may be able to effectively clean just about anything, but mold is not one of those things. Bleach is only effective for surface cleaning. It can not reach beneath the surface, where most of the mold damage typically lies. In fact, the water content of bleach may actually do more harm than good, as mold feeds off of moisture. Overall, DIY mold remediation is not recommended. If you’re concerned about mold in your home, reach out to a local professional mold inspection & remediation company for help. 

Myth #3: All Mold Is Toxic 

As previously stated, mold is all around us. Some species of mold are vital to our ecosystems and different aspects of life in general. That being said, all mold, like anything, has the potential to be toxic to someone who experiences sensitivity to that specific strain of mold. Everyone’s immune systems are different, and everyone will have different reactions. While one person may experience no sensitivity, another person could prevent more severe symptoms and sensitivities.

When you hear the term “toxic mold,” this is referring to the mycotoxins that some species of mold produce that becomes suspended in the air. Depending on individual sensitivities, excessive exposure to specific mycotoxins can cause a variety of allergic reactions in different individuals. 

Myth #4: Dehumidifiers Can Kill Mold

This is just plain untrue. Dehumidifiers can not kill mold, as this is not what they were designed to do. However, the use of a dehumidifier can prevent mold from occurring all together by reducing moisture and humidity. Dehumidifiers pull moisture from the air and filter it out to reduce humidity in the space. Excess moisture in an indoor environment can promote mold growth, which could eventually lead to a much bigger issue over time. The best way to prevent mold at the source is moisture control, and dehumidifiers can play a huge role in that. The ideal humidity level in any area of your home is between 35% and 50%. If you come across mold in your home that you believe to be caused by excess humidity, a dehumidifier will only help rid the space of moisture. The mold will still be there, and it will still need proper remediation to fully remove mold from your home.

Education About Mold Is Key 

Understanding these generic myths about mold, as well as their factual counterparts will help you to prevent or properly handle any mold issues that you may be dealing with in your home. Being educated on mold is a great way to prevent it from becoming a bigger issue in the long run. Should you ever come across mold in your South Jersey property, don’t hesitate to contact a local mold remediation company for assistance.


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