How Can Mold Damage My South Jersey Home?

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Mold spores exist everywhere. It is a natural part of the environment around us, and it plays a very important role in breaking down dead, organic matter. Because of this, mold presence is in your NJ home is pretty normal, as long as its within certain limits. However, elevated indoor mold development can become a very damaging problem if not properly addressed. The spread of mold in your New Jersey home or business can mean potential health risks and expensive property damage.

Warming Signs of Mold Damage in Southern New Jersey

Once mold spores make contact with moisture, it only takes about 24-48 hours for the mold spores to begin germinate and root itself into your porous building materials. With time, if the mold and moisture source is not addressed, the contamination will spread to clean,unaffected materials. However, serious property damage is not completely inevitable. If you suspect a potential mold problem, immediate action can reduce or prevent widespread damages.

While you cannot predict and prevent all major water events and mold problems, you can take action to reduce certain risks. As a homeowner, you should set aside time to complete routine maintenance checks and address any maintenance issues right away. There are a variety of physical warning signs that should lead you to investigate a home or commercial building for possible mold development. Pay attention for the following signs of a mold problem in Southern New Jersey:

  1. Visible mold growth– Mold growth varies in color: black, white, grey, brown or green. It can appear to be powdery in texture or appear in small splotches.
  2. Musty or suspicious odors– Mold releases a pungent, off-putting, earthy odor. Odors can permeate through flooring and walls. Odors are useful in identifying hidden problems.
  3. Suspicious staining & discoloration- Unexplained staining and/or discoloration can be the result of water damage. Look for staining on surfaces like ceilings, walls and/or floors. Water stains can mean a moisture source for mold.
  4. A history of moisture problems (leaks, floods, humidity, etc.)- If you know your NJ home or business has suffered from a history of various moisture problems, mold could be developing without you knowing. Had the property checked by a professional South NJ mold inspector to be sure.
  5. Condensation (on windows, building materials, etc.)- Condensation can mean elevated indoor humidity. When warm water vapor in the air comes in contact with cold surfaces, it cools and becomes a liquid.
  6. Unexplained allergy symptoms– Mold can release mycotoxins that are potentially toxic to humans. Symptoms vary per individual.

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What Kind Of Damage Can Mold Do To My South NJ Home?

Lets set aside the potential health implications associated with elevated indoor mold development in New Jersey. It is indisputable that excessive mold growth can leave a NJ home or business with significant, widespread property damage if that mold problem is not properly addressed early on. Mold damage to building materials throughout your New Jersey home or business will diminish structural integrity and reduce your property value.

Mold Damage to Building Materials & Structural Components:

As mold develops and spreads, it can cause serious structural damage to your New Jersey home or business.  Mold naturally feeds on and breaks down organic matter– like all your cellulose-based building materials. Therefore, when mold contaminates walls, insulation, paper backing, or carpeting, the materials must be removed during a proper mold remediation, completed by a South Jersey certified mold removal company. While safe and effective mold remediation and mold cleanup in South NJ can be expensive, in some cases, it is a necessary step to restore your home or business.

Mold Damage to Personal Property:

Along with significant, widespread structural damage, mold growth can spread to affect porous materials and property stored throughout the home or business. Items like your furniture, personal belongings and other contents can suffer from mold damage as well. When mold attaches to personal property, effective cleaning may not always be possible. If effective contents cleaning is possible, it will likely be difficult, time-consuming and expensive. In most cases, the item will have to be destroyed and safely dispose of because the spores cannot be safely and effectively removed, or it is simply too expensive to reasonably do so.

Mold Damage to Heating & Ventilation Systems:

Airborne mold spore can travel into and contaminate heating and ventilation systems in your New Jersey home or business. Many sections of the system may not be accessible for visible inspection or cleaning, in which case you should consider contacting a mold professional to assist in getting to the bottom of the contamination. It is very important that heating and ventilation systems are cleaned thoroughly, heating and ventilation systems can be the perfect highway for mold spores to travel from contaminated areas to clean, unaffected areas throughout the home or commercial building. If you suspect that your vent system could be contributing to cross-contamination of mold in your NJ property, contact a trained professional to help. Worst case scenario, if the system cannot be cleaned, or if a moisture problem cannot be corrected, the whole system may have to be removed and replaced, often at great expense.

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Most Common Areas For Mold Damage in New Jersey

During your routine checks for signs of mold damage in your South Jersey home or commercial building, be sure not to neglect your basement, crawl space and/or attic. Basement moldcrawl space mold and attic mold are those most common problems plaguing homeowners, business owners and property managers throughout the South Jersey region. Attics, basements and crawl spaces are the most vulnerable to moisture problems that can cause mold, and these spaces are the easiest to forget about. New Jersey Homeowners should make an effort to assess attics, basements and crawl spaces at least two times a year, once around the fall season and once around spring time.

Professional Mold Damage Removal South Jersey

Early detection of moisture problems and paying attention to potential signs of mold development can go a long way to reduce or maybe even prevent significant, widespread structural damage. However, sometimes despite taking the necessary precautions, some moisture and mold problems are inevitable. If you are concerned about potential mold damage in your South Jersey home or business, contact a South Jersey mold inspection and mold remediation professional right away. While mold remediation may seem to be a costly investment, neglected mold problems will only grow worse with time and put you at risk for more property damage and a higher repair bill.

When looking for a mold remediation and cleanup company in Southern New Jersey, be sure to find a properly certified and trained company with experts who can safely and effectively complete the mold remediation. If you are looking for a mold removal professional in your South Jersey area, the experts at Mastertech Environmental can help. To learn more about our mold inspection and mold removal services, call us today at 800-310-3226.


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