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The discovery of mold in a Hi-Nella, NJ home or business can stir up quite a bit of stress and anxiety for property owners. Severe mold development can have concerning health implications for those exposed, and it can wreak havoc on a building’s structural support system.

If you think you have identified a potential mold threat in your home or business, consider calling a trustworthy professional mold company to complete a Hi-Nella, NJ mold inspection. A reputable professional will be able to assess the full extent of your mold problems, determine what caused the mold in the first place, and prescribe an appropriate course of action for removal and prevention.

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Understanding The Potential Threats

Where there is mold, there is an adequate water source promoting the mold growth. That water source can and will lead to the deterioration of your residential or commercial building. Compromised building materials can collapse at any given time and put everyone in danger. In addition, mold can be toxic to those exposed, depending on the individual. Health implications can range from mild allergic reactions to severe respiratory issues.

At MasterTech Environmental, are dedicated to you and your family’s safety. Our carefully trained and certified team will promptly, safely, and effectively resolve all your mold problems. We understand your concerns when it comes to mold, and we promise to live up to – and exceed your expectations.

MasterTech Has Your Family’s Safety In Mind

Treating a substance as toxic and invasive as mold can be impose a great degree of difficulty. Some home and business owners grow weary that removal will require chemically aggressive action. This is not the case at MasterTech. At MaserTech we always have you and your family’s best interest in mind. Safety will always be our first priority. Our team of industry experts have designed a step-by-step mold remediation process that integrates the safest and most up-to-date mold removal methods and technologies. We can confidently assure you and your family’s  safety during AND after the Hi-Nella, NJ mold removal process.

Professional Mold Removal Hi-Nella NJ

If a mold remediation of your Hi-Nella, NJ property is completed incorrectly or poorly, you risk further damage to your property and worsening health effects due to further mold exposure. MasterTech has taken time and care to meticulously design a step-by-step Hi-Nella, NJ mold remediation process that incorporates the safest and most efficient mold removal methods and technologies to ensure that you receive an effective mold remediation the first time.

Safest & Most Effective Mold Remediation Hi-Nella, NJ

Our mold removal method incorporates modern oxidative technology. Biological organisms require a unique decontamination protocol designed specifically to remove and prevent its growth.  The use of oxidative technology for mold remediation has revolutionized the mold industry. Prior to the inception of this technology, industry professionals relied on hazardous abatement methods that were developed in the 1980s. With this technology, MasterTech is able to provide the safest, most effective, and most efficient mold remediation in New Jersey.

Professional Mold Remediation Process Hi-Nella NJ

Causation: The key to any and all mold remediations is diagnose causation. For a successful mold remediation, it is important to identify and deal with the underlying water issues that is promoting fungal activity in your property.

  • Prior to any remediation, your MasterTech inspector with complete a comprehensive assessment of affected areas and all surrounding areas. Using moisture meters and thermal imaging cameras, your inspector will be able to analyze the water problem in the most non-invasive way possible.
  • During remediation, once the technicians have placed proper containment, the crew will be able to get a closer look at what the is promoting the mold growth and confirm the water source.

In cases where the property has experienced significant water intrusion, MasterTech may need to complete a full Hi-Nella, NJ water damage restoration and structural drying before even considering the mold remediation.

Containment: Mold spores, that are carried in the air, threaten you and your family by putting them at risk of respiratory allergies and distress. Mold spores in the air can land and root themselves in previously unaffected building materials causing cross-contamination. The MasterTech crew is trained to be properly place containment, as to not overlook any vulnerable spots for mold spores to potentially escape.

Cleaning & Disposal: Mold can be safely removed from most surfaces of your Hi-Nella, NJ home without the use of toxic agents. In some, more aggressive, mold infestations, contaminated materials may be non-salvageable and will require safe removal and appropriate disposal. MasterTech technicians are trained in the most advanced techniques for the safest, most effective, and most efficient removal and disposal of moldy materials.

As proof of our commitment to the well-being of you and your family, MasterTech includes a 5-year mold-free warranty with every Camden County, NJ mold removal. It is a promise that not only is the mold gone, but it will not come back.

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