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Mold is a bio-contaminant that can pose significant risks to you, your family, and your home. Certain types of mold can release mycotoxins, potentially harmful if exposed over time. Mold growth indicates an underlying moisture issue that can lead to property damage and compromise structural integrity. It’s crucial to promptly address mold signs by engaging a certified NJ mold removal professional.  

Mold and water damage can have serious consequences for your property. Seek assistance from trained professionals.

Certified Mold Inspection in Leisuretowne, NJ

Mold can thrive on various surfaces and even minor growth can escalate rapidly into a major problem. If you suspect mold development in your Leisuretowne home or business, consider reaching out to a certified mold professional for a mold inspection. A MasterTech mold inspection will determine:

  • The presence of mold
  • The underlying cause of mold growth
  • The extent of affected areas
  • The severity of contamination
  • An appropriate mold remediation plan

MasterTech inspectors are certified and well-trained to accurately assess your mold situation using tools like moisture meters, thermal imaging cameras, and mold testing. This enables them to diagnose your mold issue safely and prescribe an effective remediation plan.

Licensed & Certified Mold Inspectors In Leisuretowne, New Jersey

Mastertech Environmental is a locally owned and operated mold inspection company servicing all of Burlington County and throughout South Jersey. Our local mold specialists are experts in identifying potential mold issues in residential homes, commercial offices and public municipal buildings. Our comprehensive Mold Inspection services include a detailed analysis of potential fungal activity and the conductive conditions that could have potentially caused the problem in the first place.

Regardless if it is black mold or white mold, basement mold or bathroom mold — fungal activity can cause serious property damage, cause structural damage, make people sick and affect the property value. So, it is important that South Jersey property owners in Burlington County do not ignore potential mold related concerns. If you suspect a potential issue, let Mastertech’s experts help. 

Musty odors? History of moisture issues? Suspicious staining or discoloration? You could have mold. Our trained & certified inspectors have the knowledge and experience to conduct the detailed assessment needed to uncover any underlying issues. Call (609) 948-8844 today to speak with one of our trained specialists South Jersey to learn more about our detailed inspection process. Whether you are worried about toxic black mold in your office building or you suspect basement mold caused by a major flood — we will get to the bottom of it. 

The Importance of Hiring A Certified Mold Inspection Company

Mold development in your Burlington County home or business can be incredibly problematic. Unaddressed mold, and the underling moisture source causing the mold, can leave you with considerable property damage and become a potential health risk. If you know, or even suspect, you have mold, it is important to contact a Mold Inspection professional right away.

Musty odors, suspicious discoloration or signs of staining can all be indicators of mold and an underlying moisture problem. Or perhaps, your property has recently suffered from moisture problems (i.e: leaks, flooding, humidity, etc.), and you suspect that residual moisture has caused and is continuing to sustain mold growth. Mold Assessment, done by a certified mold expert, can provide valuable mold-related information regarding the conditions within your home or business in Leisuretowne, NJ.

Mastertech Environmental’s comprehensive assessment can provide property owners with the following information:

  1. Indoor mold levels
  2. If a problem exists, what caused it in the first place
  3. How many areas have been affected
  4. How badly the areas have been affected
  5. How to properly approach removing the mold problem

Whether you need a residential inspection  or a commercial assessment, our team of trained and certified mold inspectors can provide you with the assessment services you need.

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Professional Mold Assessment & Mold Testing Process

Mastertech’s licensed, trained & certified mold assessors provide top quality Mold Detection services throughout Leisuretowne. Our detailed Mold Inspection process was developed to ensure that we are able to gather as much information as possible, so we can provide clients with an accurate reporting of any potential mold problems.

  1. Visual Assessment – A comprehensive visual analysis throughout the areas of concern to identify any conditions that could be causing and supporting mold growth.
  2. Moisture Mapping – An assessment of moisture buildup and moisture patterns within the structure and areas of concern to understand the full extent of the problem.
  3. Moisture Meters – Moisture meters measure the moisture content of building materials to isolate the most problematic areas and identify any hidden moisture buildup.
  4. Thermal Imaging – Thermal imaging cameras (or infrared cameras) detect temperature differences between damp and dry building materials and help to get a further understanding on the environment.
  5. Mold Sampling – Surface and/or air quality samples will provide scientific data that will confirm or deny the presence of mold, how much mold is present, and what species of mold are present.
  6. Report of Findings – Each inspection includes a clear and concise report that outlines what the inspector did, what he/she found, and what to do next. If necessary, your certified mold inspector will present you with a detailed scope of work for a safe and effective mold professional mold removal.

If you think you are in need of mold detection and mold sampling services in your Burlington County area, call (609) 948-8844 today to speak with a Mastertech inspector in Leisuretowne and learn more about the benefits of a professional Mold Inspection.

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Top-Rated Mold Inspection Conducted By Licensed, Trained & Certified Mold Inspectors

If you think you have a moldy property and Mold Assessment services, don’t just hire any company. When it comes to mold, a bad Mold Inspection can mean inaccurate reporting that can lead to potential problems. Whether it is a residential assessment or a commercial inspection, the process matters. It is important to ask about the assessment process to make sure that you will be getting a thorough and comprehensive Mold Inspection. Every step in the inspection process is important to gather specific pieces of key information, which will ultimately determine if you have a mold problem, what caused it, how to remove it and how to prevent it in the future.

With great attention to detail and a wealth of mold and building science knowledge, Mastertech Environmental’s mold assessors are able to provide the most thorough and comprehensive mold analysis possible in Leisuretowne, New Jersey. Additionally, our trained and certified mold assessors are professional, respectful and compassionate — we will take the time to discuss all our findings with our clients and go over any questions or concerns. When property and health are at stake, it is important that our clients are thoroughly informed about what we found, how we found it, and what it all means.

Call (609) 948-8844 Now to Speak with a Trained Mold Inspector!

If your property is experiencing: 

  • A history of moisture problems like leaks, flooding or humidity.
  • Water stains on walls, floors or ceilings.
  • Discoloration on building materials like basement walls or attic sheathing.
  • Unexplained musty or moldy odors.
  • Mold symptoms that are only present in one property and not others.

You may have potential mold development in your Burlington County property. If you’d like to learn more about how Mastertech’s Mold Inspection services can help figure out the severity of mold damage in your property or schedule an assessment, call (609) 948-8844 today.

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Your MasterTech mold inspector will design a tailored plan to address your specific mold needs. The well-being of you and your family is always the top priority at MasterTech. Our mold remediation process employs the safest and most effective tools and techniques to deliver the highest quality mold service.

Professional Leisuretowne, NJ Mold Remediation

Effective mold remediation in Leisuretowne, NJ involves three essential components, each crucial for your safety and that of your family.


Mold remediation entails not just removing mold but also identifying and addressing the moisture source that triggers mold growth. This prevents recurrence after removal.

During the initial assessment, a MasterTech inspector will use moisture meters and thermal imaging to isolate water damage patterns and determine their extent. Significant water intrusion might require a complete Leisuretowne water damage restoration before or as part of mold remediation.


Our technicians will establish barriers to isolate contaminated areas from unaffected ones. Proper containment prevents mold spores from spreading to untouched materials.

Once containment barriers are in place, our technicians will thoroughly investigate the cause of mold growth and confirm the moisture source. This information helps provide insights into appropriate moisture control and mold prevention measures.


In most cases, mold can be safely removed from surfaces without toxic agents. However, severe mold cases might require the safe removal and proper disposal of non-salvageable building materials. MasterTech technicians are trained in advanced techniques for safe and efficient mold removal and disposal.

As a quality assurance step, MasterTech conducts post-remediation inspection and testing to ensure a thorough job. Every MasterTech mold removal in Leisuretowne, NJ is backed by a 5-year mold-free warranty, guaranteeing effective mold elimination.

A Certified and Trusted NJ Mold Company

“We’re a family owned company with a great group of highly trained, dedicated employees who genuinely care about the work they do and the people they help.”– Tom Duff, Owner

  • Fully licensed and insured in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Delaware
  • IICRC and ABRA certified technicians
  • 5-year mold-free warranty
  • 24/7 emergency services
  • A+ rated BBB Accredited Company
  • Angie’s List Super Service Award Winner (2013, 2014, 2015)
  • Featured on and trusted by HGTV and DIY Networks

For mold inspection and mold removal in Moorestown, NJ, or mold inspection and mold removal in Tabernacle, NJ, a member of the MasterTech Team can assist you.

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