South Jersey Spring Maintenance and Spring Mold Prevention

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Springtime Mold in South Jersey

Spring has sprung in South Jersey! It’s a no brainer that spring and summer are the prime time for mold growth. Warmer temperatures alongside all these April showers we have been having, means that there will be a lot more moisture content in the air. Warmth and moisture can promote the germination of mold spores. Homeowners should always plan and prep for the upcoming seasons. Heavy rainfall and humidity can cause some serious water damage to your home if not remedied! These spring mold prevention tips will help you to not only get your South Jersey home in top condition for springtime, but they can also assist in the prevention of mold.

It is imperative to ensure that your home is prepared for the warmer seasons. Just like winter, spring and summer can do a great deal of damage to a home. The elevated humidity in the air from the heat and rainfall make for the perfect environment for mold to grow. Make sure your home doesn’t fall victim indoor mold problems this spring!

Spring Mold Prevention Outdoors

There are plenty of methods to prevent mold growth in your NJ home, both indoors and out. Let’s start by naming some of the key outdoor methods you should use this spring.springtime-gutter-cleaning-to-prevent-mold

  1. Clean your gutters! You want to ensure that any leftover winter storm debris is cleared out from your gutters and downspouts. You should also confirm that the gutters are still securely bound to your home. A blocked or loose gutter may pave the way for unwanted water to make its way into your home.
  2. Repair your roof! Have a New Jersey roofing professional inspect your roof for any damage that may have been caused this past winter. Any warped, loose, or missing shingles should be repaired as soon as possible.
  3. Check for leaks! Any cracks in your roof, siding, or home foundation can create a pathway for water to seep into your South Jersey home. You want to ensure that you address any potential leaks and have them remedied immediately. Spring in South Jersey is a temperamental season with a lot of rain and temperature changes. This can put an unsecured home in even more at risk. The longer a leak is left to its own devices, the more damage it can do to your home.

Spring Mold Prevention Indoors

The outdoor portion of your home plays a big role in preventing mold. Equally, there are an abundance of steps you can take to ensure that the indoor portion is secure.

  1. wipe-away-condensation-to-prevent-mold-this-springWipe away condensation! This step is often overlooked. When you notice condensation on your windows, pipes, and walls, simply dry it off. Condensation occurs when warm, moist air comes in contact with a surface that is significantly cooler. This renders the cooling air incapable of retaining the amount of moisture, forming water droplets. Wiping down any condensation is quick, easy and can make a huge difference in the prevention of mold growth in your home this spring.
  2. Proper ventilation! This is a huge factor in mold prevention no matter what season we are in. Proper ventilation ensures that there is no stagnant air or elevated humidity that can cause indoor mold growth.
  3. Clean out the drip pans of your HVAC and refrigeration units. These areas are often forgotten, but this step can have a great impact on the prevention of mold in your South Jersey home. Air conditioner mold can aerosolize and spread throughout your home via the vent system.
  4. Minor, surface level mold or mildew can be scrubbed off of flat, non-porous materials of the home with the appropriate cleaning agents. It is not recommended to attempt the cleaning of more severe mold issues on your own. If your home is experiencing severe mold growth, don’t hesitate to contact a mold remediation professional in your NJ area.

Spring Into Action

These spring cleaning and spring mold prevention methods are some great tips to help your home stay in the best possible condition. Spring mold prevention can be quick, easy and simple as long as NJ homeowners know to do it. A few quick and simple preventatives can make a huge difference when it comes to lessening the potential for mold growth in your NJ home. We are just now entering the spring season here in South Jersey, so it’s time to spring into action. Even if you haven’t tried or weren’t aware of these methods in the past, now is the perfect time to start!