Warning Signs of a NJ Sewage Leak or Sewage Backup

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Dealing with a Potential Sewage Backup in Your South Jersey Home

Sewage– we’re all thinking it, “Gross, mushy poop particles floating around in questionable liquids.”

The last thing any of us wants is major sewage backup or sewage leak in our home. Sewage harbors dangerous bacteria that should be safely handled by a trained professional. Do not wait until you discover a major backup to react. Take the time to learn how to spot the warning signs of a sewage leak or sewage backup in New Jersey. This way you can address the problem before you end up with a disgusting and expensive sewage cleanup. 

Common Signs of a Sewage Backup:

Persistent Backups:

  • Usually backups or slow draining are limited to only one drain– this means it is most likely an isolated problem specific to that drain.
  • Regular backups and slow draining at multiple drains (ie: toilet, sink, bathtub, etc.) the problem is likely coming from the source– your main sewage system
  • Most often backups are created by buildup of debris, grease, etc. in the sewage pipe.
  • If the backup persists after cleaning out the pipes, there is a more serious problem at hand (ie: a break or leak)

Expensive Water Bill:

  • If you notice an abnormal spike in your water bill, you could be paying for a leak.
  • While bills fluctuate depending on use, you should have a relatively consistent cost range for your New Jersey water bill.
  • Even small leaks can quickly tac on the dollars to your bill.
  • You should check your usage by turning off all water sources and monitoring your water meter’s reading.

Low Water Pressure or Flow:

  • Water flow= the quantity, or volume, of water exiting your taps (ie: sink, shower head, etc.).
  • Water pressure= the force of the water exiting your taps.
  • With that in mind, an unexpected change in either of the above can be indicators of problem within your pipes.

Suspicious Stench:

  • Sewage is a very distinct odor– If you smell sewage in your New Jersey home, probably is sewage.
  • Sanitary sewers should be air tight everywhere excluding the vent stacks on your roof. Under normal circumstances, you should never be able to smell sewage gas or odors.
  • If odors are permeating into the home, there is probably a crack or break in your sewer lines.

Mold Development:

  • Mold is the side effect of excess moisture buildup.
  • If you detect signs of mold development, in addition to any of the other listed warning signs, your home can be trying to point you to a sewage backup or leak.
  • Following a sewage cleanup, you may want to consider contacting a mold company to conduct a professional mold inspection in New Jersey. It only take 24-48 hours for mold to develop in the presence of excess moisture.
  • Common signs of potential mold: suspicious staining, discoloration, and/or musty odors.

Soggy Interior Floors:

  • In the event of a sewage leak or backup, sewage water can pool and saturate your sub-floors and spread to the interior floors of your home.
  • If you are experiencing soft, soggy floors, this could be the side effect of sewage water saturating through the sub-floors and spreading to your interior floors.  

Irregular Landscape Growth:

  • Sewage acts as a fertilizer for vegetation.
  • A leak from your main sewer line will pump nutrient-dense sewer water into your New Jersey soil and feed your lawn.
  • If you suddenly notice some lush grass that you did not intentionally place, you might have a leaking sewer.
  • With time, the unhealthy bacteria in the sewer water will eat away at your vegetation and ruin your lawn and gardens.
  • In addition, the saturated soil will cause shifts in your landscape, causing indentations throughout your lawn.

Rat Infestation:

  • Rats and rodents love sewage.
  • They will probably find their way into your sewer line and make themselves at home before you even notice you have a sewer problem.
  • They have an excellent sense of smell and can squeeze into cracks as small as a quarter.

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If you discover a sewage backup or a sewage leak, you should contact a NJ sewage cleanup professional immediately. Unaddressed sewage problems will only grow worse with time. This will leave you with serious property damage, and it can put you and your family at risk of being exposed to hazardous bacteria that can make you very sick.  For sewage cleanup services in New Jersey, call Mastertech today. Our team is fully trained and licensed to safely and effectively handle sewage water backups and flooding. 609-948-8844


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