Holiday Storage Mold: Basement Mold, Attic Mold or Crawl Space Mold

Discovering Holiday Storage Mold All the bright lights and cheerful carols can only mean one thing, it is holiday season. Between decorating and gift wrapping, we are finally breaking into the archives for our holiday supplies. Weather your holiday supplies are stored in your attic, basement, crawl space or elsewhere, chances are that you have … Read more

DIY Home Mold Test Kits– Do They Work?

Nowadays, there is a DIY at home kit for nearly everything. Home mold test kits are no exception. From the internet to you local hardware store, New Jersey home and business owners can easily purchase DIY home mold test kits. Home mold test kits boast about how easy it will be to confirm or deny … Read more

Mold Myths VS. Mold Facts

Mold research is relatively new and the science community is constantly discovering and understanding more about its potential health and safety implications. As a result we have a habit of falling trap to the sensationalized reputation of mold. Be careful about believing the scare tactics and mold myths. Do your research and call a trustworthy professional who … Read more

Hidden Mold NJ: I Smell Mold, but I Cannot See it.

Extensive hidden mold growth can potentially go unnoticed for who knows how long. The nature of mold growth allows it to grow virtually anywhere. Mold is just waiting to feast on all the delicious cellulose-based building materials (wood, drywall, wallpaper, etc) and other organic matter through your South Jersey property. Allow mold spores the opportunity, … Read more

Dealing With Attic Mold Growth In South Jersey Properties

Attic Mold Growth in South Jersey Homes and Commercial Properties Most of us South Jersey homeowners think of the attic as a dusty place to store things we rarely use. That dirty old attic also ends up being the place to keep things that we just can’t throw away. We fill it with cardboard boxes … Read more

2015 Angies List Super Service Award Winner Mold Removal Company NJ

A Message from the owner: “We did it again! 3 years in a row!! Winners of the prestigious Angie’s List Super Service Award.” Considering that less than 5% of companies across the Country earn this award – it’s a gigantic honor to have earned it… 3 YEARS IN A ROW! As the owner of a … Read more

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