Gutter Maintenance & Roof Maintenance For South Jersey Homes

downspout and Gutter Maintenance south jerseyThe Importance of Downspout & Gutter Maintenance

The well-being of your South Jersey roof, foundation, and gutters go hand in hand. If your gutters and downspouts are not up to par, you run the risk of your roof and foundation being damaged as well! Any kind of blockages or instability in your gutters and downspouts can potentially cause water damage. Your roof and foundation will most likely be the ones taking the hit, depending on the exact location of the problem. Proper gutter maintenance can go a long way in protecting your home and preventing structural damage in the future. 

The main purpose of gutters in residential properties is to protect the foundation of your South Jersey home from decay and erosion. Downspouts also prevent leaks from damaging your basement or crawlspace by directing any water away from the base of your home. It is important that you keep your gutters in good working condition. This means ensuring that the gutters and downspouts don’t get clogged up by any excess leaves and branches from trees or other potential debris. Another imperative step in keeping your gutters and downspouts in good condition is to ensure that they are properly secured to the side of your NJ home!  A loose, unsecured gutter can pave the way for unwanted moisture to enter your home. This moisture can cause a lot of issues for your home if you haven’t rectified the source of the leak. As many of us know, unattended leaks can lead to mold problems in your NJ home.

Keep Your Gutters & Downspouts in Working Order

It is important for South Jersey homeowners to conduct regular gutter maintenance to ensure that gutters and downspouts are effectively directing water down and away from your home. Gutters and downspouts are constantly susceptible to blockages from debris. The water that collects in your gutters tends to freeze over during the winter, making your gutters and downspouts even more difficult to maintain during that time. When winter turns to spring, it is imperative that you regularly check and clean out your gutters. If there is a blockage in your gutters, it can potentially cause a water backup and force water under your roof or into your siding. This can severely damage your roof – especially if you are not aware of the leak! Unattended leaks can lead to hidden mold problems in your roof and attic.  Gutter backups can also lead to water pooling around your foundation walls and put your basement or crawl space at risk.

How Gutters & Downspouts May Effect The Roof Of Your South Jersey Home


Poor downspout and gutter maintenance can leave your South Jersey home vulnerable to serious water damage and expensive repairs. It is well worth it to set aside some time a couple times a year to take care of your gutters and downspouts. It is important to clean out your gutters and remove any debris that could potentially cause blockages. These blockages can cause water to be stagnant in your gutter, rather than flowing out from the downspout. Clogged gutter will eventually leak into your roof, damaging not only the roof itself, but also your shingles and even your attic walls. Water leaks into your roof can lead to issues such as mold. A new roof is a huge investment, so you want to maintain yours for as long as you can. Ensuring that your gutters and downspouts are in good working order is a perfect way to keep your roof in great condition. It is also important that you regularly have your roof inspected. That way, if there are any potential issues, there is a greater chance of catching the issue early enough that you can still repair it.

How Gutters & Downspouts May Effect Your Foundation

gutter-downspout-damage-causes-foundation-leaksGutters and downspouts are meant to be securely attached to your home. When they become loose or unstable, problems can arise. One of the main issues with a loose, unstable gutter is the redirection of the downspout. When in good working condition, a downspout should direct the flow of water away from your foundation walls. When a downspout has been separated from the structure, you run the risk of this water flowing directly into your foundation. This water can cause severe damage to your foundation walls. As previously mentioned, these leaks can lead to potential mold problems and other issues such as erosion of building materials.

Spring Maintenance Tips For Downspout & Gutter Maintenance

There are plenty of ways to ensure that your gutters and downspouts stay in great condition this spring. Maintaining the rest of your home, especially your outdoor landscaping is a great place to start!

You will want to keep your landscaping under control as much as possible. Keeping trees and bushes away from your home is helpful because it limits the amount of debris that can get into your gutters. Trees and bushes also provide shade for moss and algae to grow on your roof shingles. This shade and moisture can cause your roof shingles to deteriorate. We understand that these bushes and trees have a certain aesthetic appeal. Therefore, if you feel you must keep your trees and bushes, ensure that they are trimmed away from your home, to eliminate the potential for debris buildup in your gutters. Not only will this help keep your gutters clear, but these spring cleaning essentials will assist in the prevention of mold as well!

If you feel that your gutters and downspouts are causing issues within your home, it is best to contact a professional who will be able to assist you. It can be dangerous to climb up on the roof on your own. That being said, spring cleaning truly is of the utmost importance, indoors and out! You always want to ensure that your home is in the best condition that it can possibly be in.


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