Drafty Windows, Water Damage & Indoor Mold Growth

inspecting drafty windows in south jersey homes

Drafty Windows Can Lead To Damage In Your South Jersey Home  

Windows are a great way to get some fresh air into your home. Nothing is more relaxing than a nice, cool breeze coming in on a calm spring day. However, when you close that window, its job is to keep that breeze – among other things – on the outside of your home. Unwelcome guests such as excess moisture, dirt and pollen can make their way into your South Jersey home if you have drafty windows. An array of problems can arise from these “guests” making their way into your home.

Dirt and pollen can cause you to experience allergies and discomfort in your own home. By ensuring that your windows are secure and efficient, you can rid yourself of this concern. Nobody wants to have dirt and pollen in their homes, this is just common sense. Of course there will always be some level of dirt and pollen in any home simply from people walking in and out. However, properly sealed and well maintained windows will limit the amount of outdoor contamination indoors. 

Water Damage Caused By Drafty Windows

water-damage-from-drafty-windowsIt is not uncommon for drafty windows to lead to excess moisture problems in your home as well. This moisture can exhibit itself in the form of vapor or liquid, both equally damaging in their own right. Water vapor can be especially sneaky because it is not as easily noticeable. Any form of water seeping through the cracks in your drafty windows can lead to water damage in your building materials. These leaks may seem like no big deal, but slow leaks can cause just as much water damage as a flood if left to their own devices. Moisture intrusion through your windows can lead to severe mold problems in your South Jersey home.

You may be concerned that your drafty windows have led to a moisture problem within your South Jersey home. If that is the case, you should also be aware that these problems can cause mold in addition to water damage. Have you or your family members come across any potential signs of mold? Don’t worry! Whether it is only a mild, easily mitigated issue or something more severe, it is nothing that is unable to be remediated. That being said, your home may be due for a mold inspection with a professional mold inspection and remediation company in your NJ area.

Ensuring That Your Windows Are Secure & Efficient

There are multiple options for you to consider when making sure your windows are tight and secure. The important thing is that whatever you end up choosing, it gets the job done correctly and efficiently. You want to ensure that any cracks around the window are eradicated, as to not cause any further damage.

  • Weather stripping is a good way to avoid drafts and unwanted water intrusions. Add the weather stripping around the frame of your window for a secure, albeit temporary fix. Your window should still be able to open and close after the weather stripping has been applied.fixing-drafty-windows
  • Rope caulk is another good temporary fix. It is sticky and malleable, making it easy to fill in any gaps or cracks. It also peels off very easily when you are done with it.
  • If you are looking for a more permanent fix, you may want to replace the glazing putty that seals your window panes. However like most things, it doesn’t last forever. Over a long period of time, it can crack or fall out. The glazing putty may be a more difficult DIY job, but it is one of the best options in the long run. This glazing putty does a great job sealing your windows and eliminating any potential leaks.

Window Repair & Maintenance

These few tips may prove to be helpful, but in the long run they may not last. If the problems continue, you may need to consider getting your windows professionally replaced. It can potentially be a rather large expense, but it is worth it if your old, drafty windows are causing damage to your home.

Your windows can often be easily forgotten or neglected when you are updating and maintaining your home. Many people never even realize that their windows could be the root of the problem until it is too late. Make sure that you have your eye on those drafty windows and close up any cracks or gaps that may have developed. It is imperative that you also include your windows in your maintenance routine to keep your South Jersey home in the best possible condition.


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