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Has your Medford property experienced a history of moisture problems? Do you detect musty odors or suspicious discoloration/staining on your surfaces? These signs might be trying to tell you about an mold problem in your home or business. Mold is a bio-contaminant that should be handled by a certified professional near you who will have the necessary skills, training, and tools to safely assess the full extent of the problem. If you detect signs that can be pointing to a mold problem, call a certified mold inspection professional in Burlington County to conduct a thorough assessment and get to the bottom of your mold concerns.

Mastertech Environmental is a locally owned and operated company in South Jersey providing air quality testing, mold inspections and mold cleanup services to local homeowners, business owners, property managers and more. Our South Jersey Team is specially trained and certified — back with years of industry experience and knowledge. Whether you are worried about black mold in your office or basement mold in your home — we can help. Call today 1-609-948-8844.

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If your Medford New Jersey home or business has suffered from a history of moisture problems, you could have an undiscovered mold contamination. Musty odors and unexplained stained or discoloration can be the first symptoms of a mold problem. If you think  you detect signs pointing to a mold problem, contact a reputable professional to complete a mold inspection in Medford. A certified professional will have the necessary training, knowledge, and tools to safely and properly assess the severity of your particular mold concerns. MasterTech mold inspectors are thoroughly trained to to the following:

  1. Confirm if a mold problem exists
  2. Identify what caused the mold to develop
  3. Determine how many areas have been affected
  4. Assess how badly the areas have been affected
  5. Develop a scope of work for mold removal Medford NJ

MasterTech’s top priority will always be safety and quality control. From your very first phone call or email to the last step of mold remediation and final recommendations, we will keep you and your family’s safety and best interest in mind. We take time to stress to every Mastertech employee that doing the job right the first time is not our goal – it is our standard.  Every MasterTech mold inspector near you is carefully trained and equipped with the necessary skills, knowledge, and tools to ensure we exceed your expectations.

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A Safe Approach to Effectively Removing Mold

Mold is a bio-contaminant that requires a unique decontamination protocol designed specifically to remove and prevent its re-growth. MasterTech Environmental is committed to providing the safest, most effective, and most efficient mold remediation services in New Jersey.

Oxidative technology is the safest and most effective approach to mold removal available in the industry today. This method harnesses oxidizing agents, surfactants and surface cleaners that target bio-contaminates like mold in your home. The use of oxidative technology for mold remediation has revolutionized the mold industry. The process does not require the use of powerful pesticides and there are no dangerous residual chemicals or heavy metals remaining after remediation.

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Licensed & Insured Mold Remediation Professionals

At the core of every mold remediation, there are 3 key priorities. Every professional mold cleanup project should include: identifying the source, containing the problem, and cleaning and disposal. You see, mold remediation involves more than just removing the existing mold. A professional mold remediation company is responsible for uncovering ALL the problems related to and contributing to the mold contamination, in addition to the mold growth itself.

  1. Identifying the source — In order to promise a successful mold remediation, we must uncover and address the underlying water source that is causing and sustaining the mold growth. Our technicians fully trained to find the water source, assess the full extent of the water damage, and properly address the water source and the damage it left behind.
  2. Containing the problem — Before beginning the mold removal process, it is important that we carefully isolate and protect the unaffected areas. Our team is fully trained to set up appropriate containment barriers around all areas of concern to eliminate the risk of cross-contamination.
  3. Cleaning and disposal — In most cases, mold can be effectively removed from the surface of building materials without the use of toxic agents. However, in more severe cases of mold, some building materials may be non-salvageable. MasterTech technicians  are trained in the most advanced techniques for the safe, effective, and efficient removal and disposal of non-salvageable, mold-infested building materials.

For quality control purposes, MasterTech always conducts a post-remediation inspection with testing to confirm that we did the job right. You and your family’s safety and best interest will always be MasterTech’s top priority. That is why every mold remediation in Medford will come with a 5-year mold-free warranty. It is a guarantee that the mold has been properly removed, and it will not grow back.


Medford’s Trusted & Top-Rated Company for Mold Cleanup

Unlike most other service industries, mold remediation done wrong can affect your family’s health and cause expensive property damage. Because of this, you’ll want to do your research before trusting a mold remediation company with the well being of your family and home.

“This is a tough job, but it is an important job. We set high standards for every member of the MasterTech Team. We take time to hire and train the best technicians possible… technicians that care and take pride in exceeding client expectations.”— Tom Duff, Owner

  • Fully licensed and insured in New Jersey
  • IICRC and ABRA certified technicians
  • 5 year mold free warranty
  • A+ rated BBB Accredited Company
  • Angie’s List Super Service Award Winner
  • Featured on and trusted by HGTV and DIY Networks

For years, Mastertech has been a trusted source for mold needs in the Medford and Medford Lake communities. Our team works hard to deliver the highest quality of mold inspection, mold testing and mold removal services possible to home and business owners in Burlington County. If you are in need to mold inspection or mold remediation services, call today to schedule an appointment with a Mastertech inspector near you.

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If you and your family are in need of a trusted and certified mold remediation company near you to properly meet your mold removal needs and address your mold concerns, call MasterTech today to learn more about mold abatement in Burlington County, NJ.

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