Winter Roof Damage, Water Damage & Indoor Mold Problems

winter roof damage njHeavy Snow & Potential Winter Roof Damage

Winter can be a very stressful time for most people. Between all the holidays and snow storms, we get so busy that we tend to neglect certain tasks or put off certain chores because they don’t seem to be a priority at the time. With so much going on, many people often forget that their houses are extremely vulnerable during the winter months in New Jersey.

For example, whenever it snows, we have to go out and shovel our sidewalks. But what about all the snow that lands on the roof? If there is a lot of snow and ice build up on your roof, the weight could potentially lead to serious winter roof damage.  It can also damage the shingles on your roof. A good way to tell if there is too much weight on your roof is to do a door test. Choose an interior door around the center of your home. If the door begins to stick to the frame, this is a good indicator that there is too much weight. Too much weight on the center structure of your home can cause the frame of the door to become misshapen.

Structural issues caused by winter conditions need to be corrected immediately; otherwise, this can lead to many other problems such as winter roof damage, roof leaks, damaged gutters, water damage and possible indoor mold growth.

winter Snow & Ice Can Create Dangerous Circumstances

Most people do not even attempt to clear off their own roof during the winter. This is a wise decision seeing as it is very slippery, and falling from such an elevated surface could be detrimental. If you do decide to try the do-it-yourself method, be aware of the risks. Not only could you fall and seriously hurt yourself, but you must also be conscious of where the snow is falling when you are discarding it from the roof. Be careful not to drop any on an innocent bystander because snow can be very heavy and potentially hazardous.

When dealing with the snow on your roof, you will need to use the proper tools and technique to ensure that you do the job right. If you live in a one story house, you may be able to push some of the snow off with a long rake. But, please keep in mind that without the proper tools, you may even end up doing more damage to your roof than if you had simply let it be. There are plenty of professional snow removal contracting companies that would be happy to do the job for you.

new-jersey-winter-roof-damagePotential Winter Roof Damage & More

Please keep in mind that the goal is not to get every ounce of snow off the roof, rather to relieve some of the pressure that is weighing on your roof. The weight of excess snow on your roof can lead to the following issues:

  • Damaged Gutters:
    • Gutters are often one of the first things that gets damaged by a snowstorm. The ice and snow can become compacted inside the gutter along with any existing debris. Compacted ice, snow and other debris will clog your gutters. With time, the clog will allow more ice, more snow and more debris to collect. The weight of all that snow, ice and debris can leave you with damaged gutters and possibly some winter roof damage as well.
  • Leaky Roof:
    • The weight of the snow and ice build up can cause your roof to cave in. This could potentially cause cracks in the roof as well as damage to the wood structure itself, paving the way for moisture to seep in. These leaks can cause a lot of property damage to your attic and other areas of your home.
    • Attics tend to be very stuffy, so the excess moisture combined with the warm, musty area can lead to much larger problems. You may want to take a look around to see if there are any dark spots in your attic, because this is an indicator of moisture leaking into the structure.

Winter Water Damage & Mold Contamination

When all that ice on the roof and inside the gutter starts to melt, it can cause a huge problem for your home if it is not handled properly. If New Jersey homeowners are not careful, snow melt can lead to mold and water related issues like water intrusion, water damage, mold development, compromised structural integrity and other property damage.

Your attic is the most susceptible to mold in this situation. It is directly under the roof, therefore it is the first to be affected by any moisture that leaks through the roof. Any dark spots on the walls in the attic, along with any suspicious odors or chalky white substances, are potential signs that your attic has developed a mold problem. If you suspect that mold has grown in your attic because of winter water damage, don’t hesitate to contact a professional NJ mold removal company. They will be able to safely and effectively remove the mold and help you to prevent these problems from recurring in the future.


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